How do you make a golf stroke counter with beads?

How do you make a golf stroke counter with beads?

Beaded golf stroke counters also make great row counters for knitters and crocheters. Cut your twine or string and loop it onto your key chain using a slip knot. You should have two lengths of string hanging down from your key chain now, approximately one foot long. String your beads onto your twine.

How do you keep track of your golf score?

You can keep track of your golf score quickly and easily by making your own beaded golf stroke counter. With a simple technique and a few supplies, you can make a beaded golf stroke counter for yourself or to give away as a gift or a door prize at your next golf outing.

How do you keep count of strokes?

I realized you can buy stroke counters. They range from plastic counters (where you move a lever to keep count) to electronic counters. I saw bead counters that were a bit like a keyring; they hang off your belt or bag, and each stroke you take is the number of beads you move down. This way, you can easily remember how many shots you took.