How to maintain golf cart batteries?

How to maintain golf cart batteries?

Ensure that you fill water in your golf cart batteries only after charging them. Add water so that the water level remains about half an inch above the top of the battery plates. Use only distilled water so that there is no possibility of contamination.

How to check the water level of a golf cart battery?

To check the golf cart battery water level, you should know what the right water level is. This can help you avoid underwatering or overwatering the batteries, both of which can cause damage to them as mentioned above. The general suggestion is to ensure that the water is above the battery plates by only a quarter to half an inch.

How often should I refill my golf cart battery?

It mostly depends on how often you use it. The more you use it, the more often it will need to be refilled. For the average user, who may use their golf cart two or three times per week, it’s recommended that they check their batteries’ water levels once every month or so.

Why does my golf cart battery have no water?

Another reason for the batteries to have no water could be when the cart has not been used for a long time. In all these cases, the water level tends to become low or the batteries tend to run out of water completely because of evaporation.