How do you pack your golf clubs for a long trip?

How do you pack your golf clubs for a long trip?

That said, if you already own a hard-sided case, all you have to do is pop your clubs inside and attach the UPS label to the outside. Easy. If you don’t have a hard-sided golf travel bag, you can buy the UPS golf box and they’ll pack it for free.

Can You ship golf clubs to a hotel?

So, while it’s usually a good idea to ship your golf clubs well in advance of your arrival, you obviously don’t want these fees to add up. Finally, if shipping to a hotel, make sure you write its name (and yours) on the label, and prominently note, “Please hold for guest/pick up.”

How much does it cost to ship golf clubs by UPS?

UPS lets you ship your golf clubs anywhere in the US even to resorts, clubs and hotels as per your need. UPS ground service will cost you almost $100 for shipping. However, there are expedited services, which may cost a little higher.

Are golf clubs insured by FedEx or UPS?

UPS, as well as FedEx, don’t have specific insurance for golf clubs, but they have declared values based on weight and the value of the golf bag. The declared value is taken as the maximum liability when any damage occurs or if the item is lost.