How do you hit a hybrid around the Greens?

How do you hit a hybrid around the Greens?

You can even chip with a hybrid around the greens and say good bye to terrible long iron shots. The answer to how to hit a hybrid: you set-up with the golf ball 2 to 4 inches inside your front foot heel, and swing the same as when you hit a 7 iron (with a downward angle into the ball).

How should a hybrid golf club hit the ball?

If you’re hitting down on the ball correctly, your club should leave a divot, or a mark in the grass, just in front of the ball’s position after making contact. [3] Even though the hybrid clubhead looks like the clubhead of a fairway wood, you don’t want to sweep the ball like you would when hitting with a wood.

How do you hit a smooth swing on a hybrid?

Think “long club, smooth swing.” Imagine you’re holding a short iron or even a wedge. Don’t worry—most hybrids still have enough oomph to send the ball 200 or so yards, even with a less than full swing. A little shaft lean will promote ball-first, ground-second contact. Press your hands forward until they’re even with your left thigh.

How far back should you swing a hybrid Golf Club?

Just make sure you can still swing your hybrid club freely in front of you without it hitting your feet and you have your base position. [7] Step back 1 inch (2.5 cm) to 2 inches (5.1 cm) from your base position. Hitting with a hybrid clubs requires standing farther away from the ball due their length.