Are women’s college golf scholarships available?

Are women’s college golf scholarships available?

College golf recruitment expert Brandi Jackson debunks three widely held beliefs about the availability and suitability of girls college golf scholarships. Ok, so it’s one of the most popular beliefs in the college recruiting world, especially when it comes to women’s golf scholarships.

How often do girls golf scholarships go unclaimed?

Claiming girls golf scholarship can be time consuming and in fact many scholarships offered to girls go unclaimed. According to The National College Athletic Assn. (NCAA) estimates that every year 200 college golf scholarships for young women go unclaimed.

What kind of scholarships are available for golfers?

There are many outside golf scholarships as well that you should look into. Two examples are minority scholarships (golfer specific) from the Bill Dickey Scholarship Association and scholarships for women from the LPGA Foundation. There are also many scholarships available from regional tournaments and even some from your home golf course.

Is women’s golf an equivalency sport?

Women’s golf is an equivalency sport, so college coaches can distribute their scholarship money across several athletes on their team. Depending on the program’s budget, some athletes may receive a full ride scholarship, while others could only be offered a partial scholarship.