How big is the Bridgestone brand?

How big is the Bridgestone brand?

Bridgestone is really big – nearly $32.5 Billion in sales worldwide That’s twice as big as adidas, and $2 Billion more in sales than Nike Founded in 1931, made first golf balls in 1935, first clubs in 1972 Produced first golf balls in the US in 1990, under Precept brand name Tour Pros include Snedeker, Kuchar, Couples, Creamer, Webb and Lewis

When did Bridgestone start making golf clubs?

Parent company Bridgestone was founded in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi [1] [2] and first produced golf balls in 1935. [3] It was not until 1972 that the company’s involvement in golf expanded into the manufacture of clubs. [4] ^ Picken, Stuart D. B. (December 19, 2016).

Is Bridgestone a “boutique”?

“Bridgestone views itself as a small, boutique brand in the US,” says Bridgestone’s Golf Club Marketing Manager, Josh Kinchen. “We offer high end, premium clubs with a focus on forged irons. We’re not for everyone, and we’re okay with that.” So a $32.5 Billion company is okay with “other?”

Why buy Bridgestone Golf Ball fittings?

That subtle change is to let you know that Bridgestone believes, after more than 300,000 in-person ball fittings, they know your golf swing and your golf ball needs better than anyone else. They’re the company that did, in fact, invent ball fitting, and I suppose that counts for something.