Can you use a TaylorMade bag on a golf cart?

Can you use a TaylorMade bag on a golf cart?

TaylorMade Pro 5.0 Cart Bag The TaylorMade TM Pro 5.0 Cart Bag is designed use on a golf cart, riding or walking. The 14-way top gives you improved golf club organization and makes it easier to find each club. This bag features 7 total pockets including two oversized apparel pockets and a padded single carry strap.

Why TaylorMade play exceptionally?

Play Exceptionally. The Taylormade 8.0 Stand Bag puts an emphasis on comfort and convenience, so you can focus on your game. Weighing just 4.5 lbs., it features a 8-way top with crush-resistant construction and our proprietary stand system for seamless functionality that allows you to set the bag down and set up for your shot without distraction.

How many balls fit in a golf stand bag?

The #5.0 ST stand bag’s construction accommodates 9 or 12 balls in the front, while the back pocket can handle 5 additional balls laying flat. This product features a traditional drawcord closure system with toggle locks, so you won’t be able to fumble around when you want to open or close the storage compartments.

What is a TaylorMade ST stand bag?

The 5.0 ST stand bag is an entry-level offering from TaylorMade Golf, part of the company’s R&D range. The product was designed to be versatile and easy to use for beginners who are still learning about golfing equipment or simply don’t want to pay higher prices for a name-brand product yet.