What makes SM9 wedges so special?

What makes SM9 wedges so special?

The materials and structure of SM9 wedges represent our most technologically advanced design, tuned for lower flight and higher spin. But the grind applied to each releases a creative edge that only Bob Vokey can impart.

What is the Vokey SM9 wedge?

Titleist has announced the Vokey SM9 wedge lineup. The new models feature higher centers of gravity to deliver a flatter trajectory with increased spin. Retail price is $179.99.

When do Titleist SM9 Vokey wedges come out?

Titleist are releasing the SM9 Vokey Wedges as a new 2022 release. Titleist SM9 Vokey wedges are coming in 2022 with the latest generation unveiled.

How much do Vokey wedges cost?

AVAILABILITY/PRICING: The Titleist Vokey SM9 wedges are available for pre-order through golf shops and Vokey. com beginning Feb. 17 and are scheduled to be in stores on March 11. Three finishes are available. Price is $179 per wedge.