Why should I get my Irons fitted?

Why should I get my Irons fitted?

Whether you’re buying a new set of irons or customizing your current set, properly fit irons can maximize your distance and optimize your accuracy. Better Your Best this season by sticking your irons closer than ever before. Schedule an Iron Fitting at your local Golf Galaxy. *Fitting fee is paid in advance of service.

What kind of club repair does Golf Galaxy offer?

We offer a variety of club repair services in every Golf Galaxy location. We have the tools and materials necessary to replace any graphite or steel golf club shaft. Improve your golf clubs and shop for new shafts that fit your game. Bore-through golf clubs require a different shaft installation process.

Can golf irons be reshafted?

Yes, just like other types of golf clubs, golf irons can also be reshafted using a golf repair service. You may think that reshafting is expensive. But, there are certain situations where it is better to get the irons reshafted than buying new ones.

Can I re-grip my golf clubs?

Some of the grips made for beginning and amateur golfers have patterns on them that show you how to properly grip the club. If you use these grips and like having the visual aids, a professional fitter will be able to put the grips on properly. As with most things in life, the cost to re-grip golf clubs varies on many factors.