Why join Turner Valley Golf Club?

Why join Turner Valley Golf Club?

With several different membership options available to suit the needs of every golfer, Turner Valley Golf Club is the perfect club for you to join. Use this form to contact the club and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions you may have about membership and Turner Valley GC.

Who makes a convex-faced putter?

Curv Golf makes a convex-faced putter. Daito Golf is a Canada-based manufacturer of milled putters, plus putting trainers. It’s called Diamond Touch Golf because they really do use diamonds in their clubfaces. The result is an ultrahard surface and less spin.

Where are the best golf clubs manufactured?

The good news for American golfers is that some of the best clubs from the biggest brands in golf are manufactured in the USA, even if their supply chain is heavily reliant on the Asian market.

What is Turner Hill Golf Club?

Turner Hill Golf Club includes a 18-hole championship golf course designed by Michael Hurzdan of Hurzdan and Fry, against the backdrop of over 320 acres of breathtaking views in Ipswich Massachusetts.