Why is St George’s Golf Club a Royal Club?

Why is St George’s Golf Club a Royal Club?

St. George’s Golf Club, founded in 1887, earned its Royal status in 1902 from King Edward VII, eight years ahead of its neighbor Royal Cinque Ports. It was the fourth club in the current Open rota to receive the honor, the most recent being Troon in 1978.

What does Royal Golf Club mean?

This is a list of golf clubs that have been granted permission to bear the appellation of "Royal", having been bestowed by a reigning monarch, such as from British, Spanish, Belgian, Nepalese, Dutch, Iraqi, Swazi or Swedish monarchs.

How do you become a royal member of a golf club?

To receive the honour of "Royal", the golf club would normally invite a member of the Royal family to be a patron or an honorary member, or they apply for the title, which is granted from the reigning monarch.

Do all royal golf clubs own their own golf courses?

Not all Royal golf clubs own their own golf course, the Royal Perth Golfing Society-the world’s earliest ‘royal’ club-play on the North Inch Golf Course, the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews play on St Andrews Links, the Royal Montrose Mercantile Golf Club play on Montrose Links, and the Royal Epping Forest Golf Club play on Chingfor…