Why is San Juan Oaks closed?

Why is San Juan Oaks closed? We are very excited about what the future holds for San Juan Oaks. With that said, due to the timing and the intense scope of work that is involved with renovations, the course will be closing operations on January 3, 2022 and will remain closed for a period of time.

Who owns Ridgemark golf course? Ridgemark Golf & Country Club was officially sold last week, confirmed the club’s president and general manager, Alex Kehriotis. Ridgemark’s sale went through a week ago and it was purchased by John Wynn, who owns or owned a golf course in Hawaii, Kehriotis said.

Does Laguna Seca Golf Course have a driving range? Went to this club to hit some balls before golfing at Pebble Beach the next morning. Great staff, nice range in a beautiful setting.

Does Gilroy Golf Course have a driving range? Garlic Country Golf Driving Range

1.3 miles from the center of Gilroy.