Why is my golf cart blowing Blue Smoke?

Why is my golf cart blowing Blue Smoke?

Blue smoke could also be caused by there being too much oil in your engine and it leaks into other places it shouldn’t be, like the muffler. You can either just run your cart hard to burn out the oil in the muffler, or outright replace the muffler. Some interesting food for thought: overfilling your oil might mess up the rings in your engine.

Why is my golf cart burning oil?

Your golf cart is burning oil because it has too much oil in the airbox. If your oil is overfilled, then drain it out and put in exactly one quart of oil into your cart engine. You may have overfilled your cart with oil because your dipstick has an incorrect full marking.

Why does my golf cart backfire when I adjust the throttle?

When the throttle cable is out of adjustment, the throttle plate never completely closes, allowing unburned gasoline to accumulate in the exhaust system before the spark plug fires. Here are a few tips for adjusting your golf cart engine to keep it from backfiring.

Why is my Yamaha G1 golf cart smoking?

A Yamaha golf cart may be smoking because the exhaust is plugged with burnt oil that causes back pressure. If it’s blowing the oil fill cap off, then oil is clogged up and causing pressure in the crankcase. Why is your Yamaha G1 smoking? Your Yamaha G1 is more than likely smoking because your muffler is clogged with oil and soot.