Why is Harris Harris so good at the golf swing?

Why is Harris Harris so good at the golf swing?

The proper backswing also helped English have the desired timing and tempo in his transition to his downswing. That proper timing extended into other parts of his game, increasing his confidence and even changing how he carried himself between shots. “One of the areas I admire most about Harris’ swing is his rhythm,” Parsons said.

What is the pre-shot routine of English golfer Jamie Parsons?

He also instituted a pre-shot routine to make sure he was approaching the ball the same way each time. To achieve a more consistent address position, he would set up to the ball while holding the club in only his right hand. Looking back at video from English’s best days helped Parsons determine what changes should be made.

Which grip does Harris English use on his putter?

Speaking of big, Harris English’s grip on the putter holds an oversize handle – a very popular choice among today’s pros. His pre-shot routine is worth emulating. After stepping to the ball, English places his right hand lightly on the putter and aligns the blade. He then takes his left hand grip and, after perhaps two seconds, strokes the putt.