Why is driving accuracy important in golf?

Why is driving accuracy important in golf?

Five Tips for Better Golf Driving Accuracy. One of the most important skills that a golfer can possess is the ability to get the ball into the fairway off the tee a high percentage of the time. Golf is a hard enough game as it is – you dont want to be making it harder by playing from the rough or the trees all day.

How to hit a golf ball with accuracy?

If you want to improve driving accuracy, square your body towards the targeted area. If you want to hit the ball with accuracy make sure your left shoulder faces the green or the desire area of the fairway, where you want the golf ball to land .Many players open their shoulders and that takes the ball a long way toward other direction 3.

Why can’t I hit accurate drives?

Every bad result in golf can be traced back to a root cause. If you’re struggling to hit accurate drives, the issue is a lack of clubface control. Many amateurs start their backswings by whipping the driver way inside the target line and opening the face.

Which driver has the most accurate driving accuracy percentage?

Driving Accuracy Percentage RANK THIS WEEK RANK LAST WEEK PLAYER NAME ROUNDS POSSIBLE FAIRWAYS 1 1 Brendon Todd 83 1,064 2 3 Ryan Armour 66 920 3 2 Brian Stuard 88 1,198 4 4 Chez Reavie 68 922 49 more rows …