Why does Eric Trump keep borrowing his father's Golf Club?

Why does Eric Trump keep borrowing his father’s Golf Club?

Year after year, according to Forbes, Eric Trump has borrowed his father’s Westchester, New York, golf club for the Eric Trump Foundation Golf Invitational: a ritzy charity event where million of dollars are donated to St. Jude’s hospital to benefit kids with cancer.

What happened at Donald Trump’s Golf Club?

Donald Trump took his anger out on his golf club after a disappointing swing during his latest trip to the links. Exclusive DailyMail.com photos show the former president at his Trump International Golf Course in West Palm Beach, Florida, on Sunday afternoon with a large group that included pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau.

How can you tell if Trump is playing golf?

However, if he’s going to the golf club for about 4-5 hours, you can be pretty sure he’s playing golf. Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden has asked the White House to provide the names of Trump’s golf partners, as well for his clubs to provide visitor logs to get a sense of when Trump has played golf and with whom.

How many times has Donald Trump golfed?

By this May 25, the president had visited a Trump golf course 266 times, CNN reported. And Sept. 5 marked Trump’s 295th visit to one of his golf properties, according to CNN’s Jim Sciutto. Sophie Germain has kept track of the president’s golfing and its costs at the Trump Golf Count site since his 2017 inauguration.