Why do your ankles flex when you play golf?

Why do your ankles flex when you play golf?

Your ankles naturally flex to help you maintain your posture when you take your golf stance. As you transition into your downswing, you naturally squat, which helps draw power from your legs.

Is your ankle mobility holding back your golf swing?

Lacking mobility at your ankles will force you to early extend, pushing you out of your posture, sapping your swing of power and causing unpredictable misses to the right and left. To determine if your ankle mobility is holding back your swing, kneel down on one knee, keeping your leg at a 90-degree angle.

What does the lump on your ankle look like?

The lump on my right ankle is an extra large golf ball in size and very round in shape and protrudes outward a lot. The lump on my left is also large, but it’s more oblong shape and slightly less protruding than the lump on my right ankle.

How can I improve my right ankle swing?

A great drill you can try to work on the action of your right ankle… Take your normal address position and place an extra golf ball snug against your right instep. Now take some small, slow swings focusing on the feeling of rolling your right ankle and squeezing that ball as you come through.