Why do golfers throw the club?

Why do golfers throw the club?

This club toss, following a blocked tee shot at the Thailand Golf Championship in 2011, conveys an essential truth about throwing a club: If you want to achieve maximum distance and velocity, you’ve got to rotate the torso optimally so that power is transferred to the wrist in a lever action….much like the golf swing, really. 3.

What is the all-time best club toss in golf?

This being said, the all-time best club toss in golf history undoubtedly belongs to Judge Smails. However, His Honor was never a member of the PGA Tour and is thus unfortunately excluded from this list. Here are the best PGA Tour players’ club tosses captured on video.

What is the worst club throw you have ever been party to?

The worst club throw I have ever been party to took place on the first tee of the club I used to work at. A member, particularly unimpressed with his opening tee shot, flung his driver directly behind him. The thing flew like a boomerang into the face of his playing partner, shattering his nose.

What happened to Shane Hoffman’s Golf Club?

After cleaning up what was left, Hoffman plucked his ball from the hole, took a couple of strides and with a flip of his wrist, rather calmly sent his club end-over-end into the nearby water hazard. On the positive side of things, the offending club didn’t trouble Hoffman any further that round.