Why are they called HB3 clubs?

Why are they called HB3 clubs?

Well, these clubs are named "HB3" because they’re the third generation of HIBOREs. This iron set takes me back a few years, to when I first played some rounds with the original HIBOREs. An all-hybrid set of irons was unusual at the time, but they impressed me with how easy it was to get some height on the ball. I came very close to buying them.

What shafts are in the Cleveland HB3 Irons?

The standard Cleveland HB3 iron set comes with #3 through #9 hybrid-irons plus a pitching wedge. A sand wedge can be purchased separately. Regular, stiff and senior flex shafts are available in steel or graphite.

What happened to Cleveland Golf’s Vas Irons?

In 1990, the ski company Rossignol purchased Cleveland Golf and developed the high tech VAS irons. Packed with technology, the set scared most players off, but not Corey Pavin. Pavin won seven times with VAS, including the 1995 US Open. Even with the success, Cleveland failed to keep up with the competitive market.

What are Cleveland hibore Irons?

Cleveland HiBore Irons. DESCRIPTION. The new Cleveland HiBore irons. 3-PW set with a large club face, and an even larger back. The clubs look a bit unusual at address, but really hit the ball well. They have a nice soft pop on contact and whether heel, toe, or sweetspot, shots eem to always go straight.