Who uses trackman numbers?

Who uses trackman numbers?

We have provided ball flight data and swing analysis to the professional golf industry since 2003. Manufacturers, tour pros, teachers, students and range facilities all take advantage of the TrackMan numbers on a daily basis. What Are TrackMan Numbers?

How does the TrackMan golf radar work?

How It Works? The TrackMan radar unit tracks the trajectory of your golf ball from launch to landing. The ability to measure the full ball flight is essential to produce the highest quality data. The golf radar can pick up valuable information about your club head, giving a precise picture of the club during ball impact.

Who can benefit from trackman?

Regardless of level all golfers can benefit from using TrackMan as part of their training. Working on your golf swing and resulting ball flight through your TrackMan numbers, allows problem areas to be identified, resulting in fast improvement. An explanation of all TrackMan numbers can be found in the members area of mytrackman.com

What is trackman?

TrackMan provides the platform that helps you improve your golf game whether you are a Tour Pro or a Sunday golfer looking to cut a few strokes off your round.