Who is the most successful amateur golfer of all time?

Who is the most successful amateur golfer of all time?

Many of the leading figures in the history of golf have been U.S. Amateur Champion, including Bobby Jones five times, Jerome Travers four times, Jack Nicklaus twice and Tiger Woods three times (all consecutive; the only player to win three in a row).

Who won the National Amateur Championship in 1894?

In 1894 there were two tournaments called the "National Amateur Championship". One of them was played at Newport Country Club and was won by William G. Lawrence, and the other took place at Saint Andrew’s Golf Club and was won by Laurence B. Stottard.

Who won the 1994 PGA Tour Championship at Houston?

Danny Ellis, 5 and 3; Champions G.C. (Cypress Creek Course), Houston, Texas; Medalist — 139, Brian Gay; Entries: 5,614 1994: Tiger Woods d.

Who was the 1916 PGA Championship medalist at Grosse Pointe Farms?

John G. Anderson, 5 and 4; Country Club of Detroit, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.; Medalist — 152, Dudley Mudge; Entries: 142 1916 (Sept. 4-9): Charles Evans Jr. d. Robert A. Gardner, 4 and 3; Merion Cricket Club (East Course), Ardmore, Pa.; Medalist — 153, W.C. Fownes Jr.; Entries: 160 1919 (Aug. 16-23): S. Davidson Herron d.