Who is the architect of the Floridian National Golf Club?

Who is the architect of the Floridian National Golf Club?

The Floridian in Palm City, Florida, recently completed major renovations and additions under the supervision of architect Tom Fazio. "It was two things (owning a team and a golf course) that I never thought I would be able to accomplish," Crane mused at his Floridian National Golf Club’s reopening.

What makes the Flo golf course special?

The Flo (as the members call it) is a special golf course, and you can tell as soon as you step foot on the property. The Clubhouse is gorgeous, the range is huge and meticulous and the Harmon Short Course is the absolute perfect way to warm up for your round.

What are the best golf clubs in Southeast Florida for beginners?

Floridian National is another high-end club in Southeast Florida that has an impressive list of professional golfers who hold memberships. When you can essentially sail your yacht to the back of the clubhouse, you quickly understand why there are so many Rolls Royce’s at the front of the clubhouse.

What is the history of the Floridian Golf Club?

It is not often one plays a golf course designed by one well known player and course designer (Gary Player) that is essentially done over within a short period by another architect (Tom Fazio), but when a new owner wants to make a club his own, that is what can happen. That is the history of the Floridian.