Who is Scottie Scheffler’s wife?

Who is Scottie Scheffler’s wife?

Scottie Scheffler and his wife, Meredith, were married on December 4, 2020. Scottie Scheffler’s quick ascendancy to the top of the world golf ranking has meant lots of additional exposure for both him and his wife, Meredith, who has been by his side for every tournament win this season.

Are Meredith and Scottie D’Amelio still together?

Though Scottie went to college at the University of Texas and Meredith attended the school’s athletic rival, Texas A&M, the two remained close through four years of long-distance dating and got married on December 4, 2020, at Arlington Hall in Dallas in a stunning, winter wonderland-themed wedding.

What happened to Scheffler’s 3-wood?

He cracked his Nike VR Pro Ltd 3-wood, a club that the American owned and used since high school! With Nike no longer in the club manufacturing market, Scheffler wasn’t able to attain a new one in time for the tournaments start in two days.