Which putting stroke is easiest to correct?

Which putting stroke is easiest to correct?

The straight putting stroke is simple and easiest to correct because as mentioned above you can get a few thick books and make a path to follow. You want to keep the game of golf simple. So if you currently have an arcing stroke, assess how severe your arc is.

What is the shoulder putt stroke in golf?

The idea of using just your shoulders in learning how to putt came along as an idea to help golfers struggling with the yips in putting. It is a putting stroke that allows you to take out the arms and hands and rely on the so-called "big muscles" to learn how to putt.

How to choose a putter for your stroke type?

Smaller grips promote a more flowing, arcing stroke and generally pair well with higher toe flow putters. Larger grips promote a more “square to square” putting stroke and pair well with face balanced putters. Choose a grip that feels good in your hand and supports the design of your putter and your stroke type.

What is the most important factor of the putting stroke?

The most important factor of the putting stroke is that your face is square at impact. Remember this if you are feeling discouraged that your path isn’t as straight as you’d like it to be. What really matters is that you’re square at impact and you start the golf ball on the proper line.