Which putter head should I buy?

Which putter head should I buy?

Whichever type of head you prefer, ValueGolf.com offers a good selection of both. The Integra Gunmetal putter head is a back-to-basics blade, while Bionik offers putter heads in blade, semi-mallet, and mallet varieties. Check out the Technical Specifications section on each product for more info.

What is a classic blade putter?

The classic blade putter has a head shape that is noticeably going out of fashion and is therefore rarely found. This design was very popular from 1900 to 1990, especially since there were hardly any alternatives other than mallet-like putters at the time. The head of this putter is relatively small and places high demands on the playing technique.

What is the difference between a blade and mallet putter head?

The traditional blade putter heads offer greater feel for the ball and are better suited to low-handicap players. Mallet putter heads usually have similar weight to blades, but the distribution of weight is different, typically being balanced throughout the club head.

What are the different types of putter styles?

First, there are two different types of overall putter styles, mallet putters vs blade putters. Secondly, there are two different categories of putter balance, face-balanced putters vs toe-balanced putters.