When is the best time to go golfing in Russia?

When is the best time to go golfing in Russia?

Golfing season in Russia begins from April and goes on until October. Autumn lasts for two months from September to October and these two months are the best for Golf holidays in Russia. You can enjoy beautiful natural surroundings along with a great game of Golf.

Which is the best golf course in Russia?

Best Golf courses in Russia. 1 1. Skolkovo Golf Club Course. Skolkovo Golf Club. Image: Nicklaus.com. Skolkovo Golf Club has one of the finest Golf course in Russia. Legendary … 2 2. Tseleevo Golf & Polo Club Course. 3 3. Zavidovo PGA National Golf course. 4 4. Pestovo Golf Club Course. 5 5. Moscow Country Club Course.

Where is the first 18-hole golf course in Russia?

The first 18-hole golf course appeared in the suburban area of Nakhabino located near Moscow only in 1994, it remained the only one in the country for a long time. Golf in Russia had not been widespread up to 2006 (the period when active construction of golf clubs began in the country).

When was the third golf course in Russia opened?

In the summer of 2008 the third golf course in Russia was opened in the Dmitrov district. The private Tseleevo Golf and Polo Club was closed for a long time. The course was designed by architect Jack Nicklaus. Course Style: Parkland.