When did the Ping i3 come out with the blade?

When did the Ping i3 come out with the blade?

Ping i3 (Blade & O-Size) – Released 2000 The Ping i3 makes its way onto this list for several reasons. It was the very first Ping iron to incorporate the CT—Custom Tuning Port—something that has become a staple in Ping designs.

What kind of irons did Ping make in 1998?

Ping ISI – Released 1998 The Ping ISI represents a bygone era of Ping irons. They were one of the last designs released before the CTP was introduced, and they were also the last series of irons that were produced in three different materials at varying price points: stainless steel, nickel, and BeCu beryllium copper.

Are Ping i3+ Irons any good?

I bought Ping i3+ irons three years ago, and played them periodically until this year because the Hogan Edges were so good. The i3+ irons have grown on me and have proven to be a forgiving iron with a solid feel. I now play the i3+ irons in the spring, summer and fall, but the Hogans come out over the winter.

What is the history of PING golf clubs?

History Karsten Solheim started the company in his garage in Redwood City, California. He built his first putter in 1959, and noticed that it made a "ping" sound when it struck the ball. In 1972, Ping was the first company to come out with a color-code fitting system for their clubs.