What's the best golf store on Long Island?

What’s the best golf store on Long Island?

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Are there any country clubs on Long Island?

Long Island is home to some of the most exclusive country clubs, as well as many that are open to the general public, where anyone can join. In addition to lavish clubhouses, country clubs often offer members access to perfectly manicured golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools, and more.

What is it like to play golf on Long Island Sound?

In the background is Long Island Sound and the combination of land and water is truly magnificent. The 15th tempts the player to make the big tee shot – trying to position your shot as far down the hill as possible.

Where is Long Island golf courses?

But golf’s 3rd oldest major marks just another glowing chapter in the overall depth of superior courses dotting the landscape called Long Island. The area stretches west to the border with Queens County and New York City and to the far reaches of the twin forks with Orient Point and Montauk Point respectively.