What putting aid does Tony Finau use?

What putting aid does Tony Finau use?

Additionally, Finau was recently spotted at The Open Championship using a True Pendulum Motion (TPM) Putting Aid made by Ixia Sports. The aid attaches to the shaft of any putter, and by tucking the putting sticks of the apparatus underneath the arms, it helps reduce wrist activity and create more of a swinging motion.

Is Tony Finau the tallest player on the PGA Tour?

Remove James Hart du Preez from the discussion and Tony Finau is quite possibly the tallest player on the PGA Tour. At 6’4″, the lanky three-time winner can dunk flat-footed and easily palm a basketball with his massive mitts. For most players on Tour who boast above average hands, midsize or oversized grips are the prudent choice.

What does Tony Finau’s grip setup look like?

What’s crazy about Finau’s grip setup is he actually has Watson beat in the tape wrap department. With 13 wraps under the right hand and 12 under the left, Finau’s midsize grips more closely resemble a telephone pole than what you’d typically find on your sticks at home.

What does Tony Finau’s putter look like?

Like many golfers, Finau preferred a single line in the back of his putter head to use for alignment at address; his white-painted line pops particularly well off the black head. A look at Tony Finau’s address with his Ping putter. (Courtesy of GolfWRX) Finau’s putter includes two subtle, yet unique, additions to the head.