What octane gas do golf carts take?

What octane gas do golf carts take?

It’s important to use the correct octane gas in your golf cart, but this also depends on the altitude you live at, and there are some maintenance measures you can take to ensure your cart has a long, happy life. What Gas Do Golf Carts Take And Why? Gas-powered golf carts require at minimum 87 octanes for the engines.

Are gas powered golf carts better than electric?

Modern golf carts tend to be more electric than gas, but the gas-powered cart is still popular as they tend to have more power and don’t rely on charged batteries to get up and go. Gas-powered golf carts mostly use 87 octane for their engines and will not benefit from higher octane as they are not high compression engines such as a car engine.

What should I look for when buying a gas powered golf cart?

It’s important not to forget test driving your pick, whether you’re buying new or used gas powered golf carts. Trying out the vehicle gives you an idea on how noisy or quiet the engine will be, if the steering wheel is tough to operate, and so on. For used units, be sure to listen and look carefully.

Do golf carts have ignition and idling?

There is no ignition and engine idling, and that helps conserve fuel, ensures low emissions and quieter golf course conditions. Specifically, golf carts use unleaded gas, 87-octane, with less than 10% ethanol. The golf cart carburetor engine does not have the necessary capacity to handle fuels with high amounts of ethanol.