What makes the signature irons so special?

What makes the signature irons so special?

The Signature Irons were designed to hit it higher, further and more consistent. Think distance meets game improvement, all while maintaining a timeless blade-like aesthetic. The haywoodMB’s emulate the classic style and shaping of traditional forged muscle back irons.

Is haywoodgolf a good brand?

Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2018, haywoodgolf is a growing golf brand that focuses on high-quality products, at affordable prices. Watch TXG Tour Experience review our Signature Irons below.

What’s new with the Haywood MB Irons?

The second iteration of the Haywood MB irons have been re-designed and re-engineered utilizing feedback from customers over the past year to create one of the most beautiful and best performing MB’s on the market. The details: Redesigned with customer feedback, Haywood’s MB is forged from 1020 carbon steel and then 100 percent milled.

What are Haywood signature Irons made of?

Signature Irons Distance meets game improvement with these haywood signature irons. Designed to lower scores by helping players hit it further while controlling spin. These irons are a two-piece hollow body design that incorporates a soft 431 stainless steel body welded to a hardened heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel face.