What makes Augusta National so special?

What makes Augusta National so special?

The tee boxes and the fairways and the well-manicured expanses that sprawl across the course. Augusta’s grass is so green that it has changed expectations across the entirety of the golf world. It’s the green standard against which all other courses attempt to measure up.

Is Augusta National’s new grass still green?

It would still be green and it would still be a major championship at Augusta National,” said Johnson. “And the playability of Augusta National will still be based on Mother Nature, not the grass. It’s Augusta National.

Why are the Greens at Augusta National Brown?

Brown, on the other hand, can be a sign of danger. Years ago, they suggested, it was more common to see major championship courses push their greens to the edge. Shinnecock Hills, for instance, boasted brown greens by the time Retief Goosen walked off a winner. This week, they expect, Augusta National has far more margin for error.

What has changed at Augusta National this year?

Agronomic practices have improved dramatically. And this is Augusta National. Whether the greens are green, brown or purple is a matter of personal taste, I suppose. But every golfer who played a practice round seemed in universal agreement that this week would be fast and furious.