What makes a good press conference in sports?

What makes a good press conference in sports?

There are few better press conferences in sports than the winning Ryder Cup team’s gathering. They have plenty of time to drink before they gather, and having them all come in at once lends a certain locker-room atmosphere that is unseen in golf.

What did Xander Schauffele do after winning the Ryder Cup?

Team USA relished its Ryder Cup victory. HAVEN, Wis. — At one point in the drunken, ebullient, interminable winner’s press conference, Xander Schauffele looked down at his shirt, brushed cigar ash off the white stripe on his chest and delivered a particularly honest answer. “I had no idea we had media after all of that ,” he said.

What happened at the Ryder Cup press conference?

The U.S. Ryder Cup team’s post-win press conference was an entertaining one, to say the least. One of the best parts about these team events, like the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup, is that players are laid back, at least when the long week is finally over.

Is Robert Hovland playing in his last Ryder Cup?

The 45-year-old, possibly playing in his final Ryder Cup, finished off an inspiring 3-and-2 victory over Tony Finau and broke down afterward. Hovland embraced him.