What is “toe hang”?

What is “toe hang”?

One particularly important (yet often misunderstood) ingredient in finding a putter that fits your stroke is something called “ toe hang.” Essentially, toe hang helps describe the relationship between the axis of the putter shaft and the head’s center of gravity (CG).

Why do so many pros use mallets with toe hang?

Mallets with toe hang allow for an arc stroke which many Tour guys favour and provides stability on mishits that Newport like putters can’t complete with. It’s a matter of getting use to the head shape. Also, every stroke has some arc so a face balanced putter is a bit counter intuitive and fights the arc stroke to a degree.

What is the difference between a face balanced putter and toe hang?

When you do the same with a putter that has toe hang, it will balance on an angle towards the ground. If you putt on an arc, you are more suited to a putter with toe hang, whereas face balanced putters will lend themselves to straight back and through strokes.

How do I know if my putter face is balanced?

The more the toe of your putter head droops toward the ground, the more toe hang it has. If the face of your putter points toward the sky, then it’s face balanced.