What is Tiger Woods'record at the Masters?

What is Tiger Woods’record at the Masters?

Among his stellar achievements, Woods has been ranked World No. 1 for more weeks than any other golfer, and in winning the 2001 Masters, he became the only player to win four consecutive Majors, a feat known as the Tiger Slam.

Why is Tiger Woods wearing a Rolex?

Of course it was a Rolex because of contractual obligations—Rolex signed the golf legend in 2011, even when it looked like his days posing with clubhouse-shaped trophies were behind him. Of course it was a Rolex because it is always a Rolex. Of course. Rolex, the thinking goes, is a watch worn by winners. That’s what has made the brand so special.

How did Tiger Woods become so famous?

Tiger Woods has captivated the golfing world since winning the 1997 Masters Tournament in his first Major as a professional. More than 20 years later, the Rolex Testimonee continues to thrill audiences with his peerless skills and dedication to the ancient game.

How much did Tiger Woods’ deepsea win for Rolex worth?

When Tiger lifted that trophy, Deepsea clearly visible on his wrist, Rolex gained $2,288,777 worth in brand exposure, according to Apex Marketing Group. Much of Rolex’s foundation is built on dressing people who seem to accomplish the impossible.