What is the xxio X driver?

What is the xxio X driver?

Designed for skilled players with strong swings, XXIO X Drivers offer longer shots and added accuracy off the tee. Whether you strike it high, low, off the heel or toe, an enlarged sweet spot helps keep your ball on line and carrying farther. Experience the Difference.

Is the X driver the 10th generation?

The X Driver is the 10 th generation but as XXIO states: “The core concepts of the XXIO series haven’t changed since the first generation—distance, forgiveness, and an exhilarating impact sound.” I can attest to all three attributes. The following two tabs change content below.

Who are xxio golf?

XXIO, which is pronounced zek-si-oh, are part of the Cleveland/Srixon stable of golf equipment and the X series are the premium products, featuring not only the driver but also fairway woods, hybrids and irons. XXIO are no newcomer to golf equipment manufacturing having been doing so for decades.

Is the xxio activwing shaped driver different from the hybrid?

“Though the shaping is different from the driver to the fairway and hybrid, we’ve found the same performance benefits with both designs,” says Delazzer. Complementing ActivWing is XXIO’s Rebound Frame, a new technology that delivers a four-layer sandwich of flexible/rigid/flexible/rigid zones for maximum distance across a wider range of the face.