What is the Ventus blue HB?

What is the Ventus blue HB?

In addition to the wood shaft designed for drivers and fairway woods, Ventus Blue is offered in a hybrid version ( Ventus Blue HB) for hybrids and utility irons as well. True Spec Golf offers a full fitting experience with its team of master fitters at various locations throughout the country. Learn more by clicking the link below.

Is the Fujikura tr black the Super Ventus?

Fujikura’s answer is a resounding, “Hell ya.” If TR Blue sits between Ventus Blue and Ventus Black, then TR Black is basically the Super Ventus. Ventus Black is a stout profile. Ventus Black TR is hulking. The salient point is that TR Black is exactly what Fujikura says it is.

What is the difference between Fujikura Ventus red and blue?

Ventus Red (R2, R, S, X) While the EI profiles of Ventus Red and Black differ slightly from Blue, the overall technology remains the same. Each shaft is developed around Fujikura’s VeloCore Technology with an accelerated taper design to amplify load and feel.

What is the difference between Ventus red and Ventus tr red?

It’s a lower-launching, lower-spinning Ventus Black with a stiffer handle section. Likewise, Ventus TR Red is a slightly beefed-up version of the standard Red. And, again, the difference is due to the addition of a nearly weightless layer of spread tow composite fabric in the handle section.