What is the secret behind Moe Norman's clubhead placement?

What is the secret behind Moe Norman’s clubhead placement?

Moe Norman does something you never see at address — he places the clubhead a foot or so behind the ball. The reason? This was the secret to setting the swing in motion . Norman had his hands ahead of his club head relative to his target. He was already setting up the ideal impact position he wanted to return to on the swing.

What are Moe’s favorite golf clubs?

Moe told me that these were his favorite clubs. They are Topflite “Bird-over-ball”. You can see Moe’s workmanship on the leading edge where he ground the bottom of the club into a straight line. He liked thin and straight leading edges.

Which PGA Tour player has the closest grip to Moe Norman?

If Trevino moved his right hand under the club a little more, he and Moe Norman would be identical. The closest on tour right now would be Paul Azinger. He has a single-axis, right-hand grip, like Moe’s, but he also has something that hurts him—a super strong left-hand grip.

Why do professional golfers love Moe Norman so much?

Professional golfers’ high regard for Norman has always been based primarily on his phenomenal ball-striking. Lee Trevino ranks Norman with the game’s very best, including Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson. Ken Venturi agrees: “Because Moe is kind of eccentric, he never got the credit he deserved or played the kind of golf he was capable of.