What is the players’ impact?

What is the players’ impact?

"When I learned what The Players’ Impact was doing to help empower women and minorities to learn about investing and make smart financial decisions for their futures, I knew I had to be involved." "The Players’ Impact is a great way for athletes to find different areas in business that you are passionate about.

What are the eligibility requirements for the player impact program?

To be eligible for the Player Impact Program, PGA TOUR members must have played in a minimum of five approved TOUR events in at least one of the last five seasons.

Who will get the most from the PGA Tour’s player impact program?

Using what we know about how the PGA Tour will distribute its $40 million Player Impact Program, this article looks at the most likely beneficiaries as we enter the new golf season. The person likely to earn the most from it is someone who may not even strike a golf ball competitively this seaso … Featured PGA TOUR Player Impact Program: … 0