What is the name of the first game Dude Perfect made?

What is the name of the first game Dude Perfect made?

In 2011, Dude Perfect launched a free mobile game for iOS and Android, titled Dude Perfect. The group subsequently released Dude Perfect 2, and other games titled Endless Ducker and That’s Lit.

What happened to Dude Perfect in 2020?

In 2020, Dude Perfect released their fourth All Sports Golf Battle that was pre-recorded in 2019 with actor Zac Efron, who finished third in the finale. The group also got a chance to visit the US Navy ‘s Nimitz -class aircraft carrier USS Nimitz for a 3-day trip aboard and released their trip’s video as an episode as part of their Bucket List.

Who is Dude Perfect and why is he so popular?

The final round of Hideki Matsuyama’s historic Masters victory last spring drew an audience of 9.45 million, most of them likely only familiar with Dude Perfect as those guys who yell a lot when they do things like stand on the back of a four-wheeler and throw a football through a basketball hoop in the stands at the Super Bowl.

What is content created by Dude Perfect?

Content created by Dude Perfect predominantly consists of videos depicting various trick shots, stereotypes, and stunts. The group also regularly uploads videos of "battles," in which the individual members of Dude Perfect compete against one another in a good-natured game or contest, incorporating different sports and a unique set of rules.