What is the most important part of the mental game?

What is the most important part of the mental game?

Sure, focused breathing and visualization are powerful and overlooked skills, but the crucial part of the mental game is what and how you prepare and practice. Too often, players love the amount of time or number of balls that they hit during their practice.

Why aren’t golfers educated about the mental game?

You see players all the time who have “great talent”, but rarely play up to their potential. The problem is that golfers are not educated about the mental game mostly because their instructors or coaches didn’t stress the importance of mental toughness when their student’s were learning to play.

What is the best golf app for mental game?

With over 400,000 downloads and over 7,000 5-star reviews, Imagine Golf is the #1 app for the mental game. Download the app today and keep imagining what is possible!

How do we work on our mental game of golf?

We work on our mental game of golf by moving on from bad shots and re-focusing. After you hit a poor shot is the opportunity to address this mental skill. You will hit bad shots during a round, so don’t allow your confidence to be affected by a bad shot.