What is the meaning of an even score in golf?

What is the meaning of an even score in golf?

A player’s score often is expressed in terms of the number of strokes under, even with or over the par score. A golfer who shoots a score of 65 on a par-72 course is seven under par, or minus-seven. A golfer who shoots an 80 is eight over par, or plus-eight. A golfer who scores a 72, par for the course, is even.

What is a score in golf called?

Let me explain. Your score in golf is called your handicap. Each hole of golf is either a par 3,4, or 5, based mostly on how long the hole is. If you complete the hole in the amount of strokes that the par is, it means you have shot a par on that hole. If you finish the hole in 1 more stroke than par,…

What does e equal to in golf?

E in golf is used for score even par. Even par (E) can be described as, a equal number of strokes as standard score (per rating). Or when the golfer uses equal strokes as the combined par of all holes of the entire round. You can understand the “even par” better by examples. In individual hole it is same as scoring “par”.

What is a par score in golf?

A course’s par score is the sum of the par scores for each of the holes. Each hole has a designated par score. Par is the number of shots considered an even score. For example, a par-5 hole requires the golfer to hit five shots from the tee box to the cup in order to attain a par score.