What is the difference between the Z 545 and Z 565 driver?

What is the difference between the Z 545 and Z 565 driver?

Compared to the Z 545 driver, the Z 565 has a more flexible sole construction that promotes higher ball speed. FEA impact analysis shows greater potential energy transfer at impact for higher ball speed and distance. Face has been extended farther around crown and sole to create a larger sweet spot.

What makes Srixon drivers different from other OEMs?

While other OEMs decorate their drivers with all kinds of graphics and ridges, Srixon opted for a simple gloss black crown. The sole is similarly understated – clean black and silver with straightforward branding.

Should you buy the Srixon Z 565 driver?

The Srixon Z 565 driver packs the forgiveness and draw bias that most players need into a beautiful, traditional package. Over the next few weeks, PluggedInGolf will be bringing you reviews of Srixon’s entire 2016-2017 club line up. The trend you’re going to notice is that this line up delivers the goods.

What is the Srixon Z 565 ripple effect?

The Srixon Z 565 Driver is creating a Ripple Effect, delivering the most advanced innovation and best performance Srixon has ever made. The Srixon Z 565 driver promotes a higher launch with more forgiveness and slight draw bias. LOFT : 9.5 / 10.5