What is the difference between forged and cast iron clubs?

What is the difference between forged and cast iron clubs?

These clubs have cavity backs and great perimeter weighting, for those who want the feel of forged but the forgiveness of a cast iron. Many heads are forged first and then go through a milling process to achieve game improvement. These heads are generally referred to as forged/milled and are less expensive than a true hand forged clubhead.

What are cast iron golf irons?

A cast iron is an iron that is made from a mold. Hot metal is poured in the mold into the desired shape, and the result is a cast iron golf club. The cast golf irons are mostly known as being cavity back irons. Although they are cast golf irons, most people call them cavity back designs.

Are forged golf irons any good?

Forged golf irons are often considered to be premium golf irons. With a forged iron, players can get a very pure feel and workability. If you are a golfer who likes to hit a draw or a fade to the pin, the forged iron will suit you best. Most of the time, forged irons are known for their impressive feel.

What are the different types of irons?

The two types of irons that we will discuss in our guide is a forged iron and cast iron. These types of irons were at one point quite different from each other, but as time has gone on, they are becoming more and more similar. Some people think a forged iron is better than a cast without really understanding the differences.