What is the definition of lateral in football?

What is the definition of lateral in football?

What Is The Definition Of Lateral In Football? 1. This is a type of pass in football in which the football is thrown sideways or slightly backwards on the field. In other words, the ball is thrown away from their opponent’s goal line.

What is a lateral water hazard in golf?

A "lateral water hazard" is a water hazard or part of a water hazard that runs alongside to or parallel to the golf hole. Or, as the Rules of Golf puts it, a lateral water hazard is one "so situated that it is not possible, or is deemed … impracticable, to drop a ball behind" it.

What are the terms in golf terms glossary?

This is a must know amongst the terms in golf terms glossary. Alternate Fairway: A golf hole offering two fairways is referred to as having an alternate fairway. Alternate Greens: Just like alternate fairway, when a golf hole has two separate greens, it is termed as alternate greens.

What is the difference between lateral and forward pass?

But we know lateral best from football. A lateral pass is a pass of the ball between teammates that usually goes to the side and slightly backward from the direction in which they’re advancing; unlike a forward pass, a lateral may be made from any position, and any number may be made in a single play.