What is the Best Golf Drill to fix a shank?

What is the Best Golf Drill to fix a shank?

The Miss The Ball Drill This is a great drill from Monte Scheinblum which has all sorts of benefits on top of fixing shanks. For example, it’s a great one for early extension. Basically, address the ball as normal, swing, then try to miss the ball on the inside.

How do I Fix my club face Shanks?

If your shanks are caused by an open clubface, then this drill from Rotary Swing will help with squaring up the face. You’re going to hold the club in your left hand only and take half swings (parallel to parallel) focusing on your watch:

Is there a cure for shanking a golf ball?

Fortunately, the shanks are curable and largely preventable ailment. While there are drills to fix your fault you once the malady has taken hold, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you’re trying to understand how to stop shanking the golf ball, you need to understand where the ball makes contact with the club during a shank.

How do you fix a shank Miss?

A narrow swing will result in many different misses, but the shank seems to be on top of the list. To correct this, first we need to widen our stance and stand a little further away from the ball. Next, we need to swing wide on the takeaway.