What is the best driver for the 2022 Most Wanted test?

What is the best driver for the 2022 Most Wanted test?

TOP PICKS: PING G425 MAX, Tour Edge Exotics Pro 721, Callaway Rogue ST Triple Diamond LS One of the main reasons why PING G425 MAX is the overall winner of the 2022 Most Wanted Driver Test is accuracy.

What are the best distance drivers for 2022?

The 0311 GEN5 made our list of 2022’s best distance drivers, an aspect of this stick that we’ll reiterate here. You will be pleasantly surprised by how long this driver is. It kept up with everything else we tested and easily answers the call for a mid-handicap player.

What are the best golf drivers of 2021?

Best Golf Drivers of 2021 Tested by TGW’s Pro 1 Callaway Epic Max 2 Callaway Epic Speed 3 Cobra King RAD 4 Mizuno ST-X 5 Mizuno ST-Z 6 PING G425 Max 7 TaylorMade SIM2 8 TaylorMade SIM2 Max 9 Titleist TSi2 10 Titleist TSi3 More items…

What are the most forgiving golf drivers of 2022?

The Rogue ST MAX also shows up on our list of 2022’s most forgiving drivers and that’s partially because of its Jailbreak Speed Frame, which is an improvement over previous Epic technology that increases the area of the sweet spot while softening the punishment for off-center misses.