What is the average number of bogeys in a round of golf?

What is the average number of bogeys in a round of golf?

Golfers with a 16-20 handicap (about average for most golfers) averaged 7.3 bogeys, 4.7 double bogeys, and 2.1 triple bogeys or worse per 18-hole round. Golfers at this level had 3.6 pars and 0.3 birdies or better on average.

What are the different types of bogeys?

Bogey to Blow-Up 1 Bogey. "Bogey" was the first stroke system, developed in England at the end of the 19th Century. … 2 Par. Par is derived from the stock exchange term that a stock may be above or below its normal or ‘par’ figure. 3 Birdie. … 4 Eagle. … 5 Albatross. … 6 The Whaup and Double Bogeys. …

What does a bogey mean on a par 6 hole?

A bogey on a par-6 hole means the golfer used 7 strokes to play that hole. Keep in mind that although bogey is a score that an expert golfer is usually disappointed with, very few of us are expert golfers! Most recreational golfers aren’t displeased when recording a bogey.

What does a bogey mean in golf?

Thus, if the par value is three, a bogey means that a player took four strokes instead of three to complete the given hole. Similarly, if the hole is a five par, a bogey here can suggest that the player took six strokes to get the ball in the hole.