What is the average clubhead speed?

What is the average clubhead speed?

The average club head speed of a golfer is 110 mph. Based on data collected globally, male golfers have an average speed 15% faster than women within the same category. The golfers in the age group of 17- 50 years have a speed of 126 mph as their 99th percentile.

How do you increase club head speed?

If you want to learn how to increase your swing speed … Golfers need to develop an awareness of clubhead speed and how to create it properly, and a really good way to do this is to switch the club round and make some swings with your wrists hinged …

What is a mph of clubhead speed worth?

Whether you are looking for carry distance or total distance, every additional MPH of clubhead speed is worth about 3 yards of distance, for clubhead speeds between 50 and 120mph. This assumes you aren’t changing other stuff besides clubhead speed (that is, same smash factor, properly fitted driver, etc).

What is the speed of a golf club head?

You will find that the club head can move at an average speed of 8 mph per hour. Assuming an average distance of 202 yards, your club head speed should range 202 to 231 mph. About 87 out of every 10,000 in New York are under the age of 25. 8 mph.