What is Steve Stricker illness?

What is Steve Stricker illness?

What Illness Does Steve Stricker Have? Health Status Report Today Steve Stricker was diagnosed with a mysterious illness after he withdrew from the November session of PGA Shootout by citing "Non-Covid virulent infection." His illness commenced with a sore throat and cough that formulated into something worse as it proceeded.

Why is Steve Stricker not eating solid food?

Even though Stricker explained that his health is getting better, he still is not able to eat solid food. Steve added that the pressure of the Ryder Cup getting delayed because of the pandemic caused his health condition to worse. He said, “It’s a letdown, right, after that happens? And then your immune system is probably down.

What does Steve Stricker feel like on the Champions Tour?

“I’ve got this faith that I’m going to go out there and play well, even if I’m not feeling 100%,” Stricker said. “I feel like all the Champions Tour players have some sort of ailment or problem. It’s getting better, no question. It’s a process.

Who is Steve Stricker’s net worth?

Steve Stricker earned over $44 million by the end of his 2018/19 season. He now flaunts a massive net worth of $20 million as of 2022. Similar article: Who Is Wide Receiver Randy Satterfield?